We source natural fibres across the globe with animal welfare highest on our agenda. We work closely with our suppliers as we take the issues of sustainability seriously. We test all of our raw materials before we begin production for a variety of things including length, micron and dark hair content. We cannot ensure superior yarns without the best fibre.

We work closely with our suppliers who we know well in both Australia and China and this enables us to obtain the highest quality raw materials.


Our cashmere is sourced from goats from the steppes of China and inner Mongolia where the extreme temperatures of the Gobi desert can plummet to -35⁰ C meaning the goats develop a uniquely thick coat to survive. This consists of a longer and coarser outer hair and a very fine soft undercoat. These two different fibres are separated by a process called de-hairing. It’s the very fine hair that is used in the spinning of our cashmere yarns.


The lambswool we source is from Australia and South Africa. Merinos’ have been specially bred to produce the softest and finest wool. Lambswool is wool from the first shearing of the animal. Lambswool can be recycled, it’s compostable and biodegradable, leaving no detrimental effects on the environment. In September 2020 we will launch our new British wool range. This is sourced from 100% British sheep and produces a surprisingly soft handle considering the coarseness of the fibre. It will have a low carbon footprint while benefitting local farmers.


Angora is a very fine and very short fibre from the angora rabbit in China. Angora is actually finer and softer than cashmere however it has much shorter hair, making the material harder to spin at 100% angora. Our angora is obtained by shearing and not by combing, as combing can cause distress to the rabbits. After certain animal welfare issues we now buy and sell our angora through an accredited scheme (Caregora). This ensures that all the farmers that have provided the fibre have been fully regulated and pass all animal husbandry standards. This scheme gives us full traceablility back to the farmers.

Camel Hair

Our camelhair is sourced from the Bactrician camel in China.