The business was founded by Zaccheus , (the 7th Hinchliffe son) in 1766 as a trading company and in 1850, he built his company head-quarters in the rural, picturesque Yorkshire village of Denby Dale, and it remains in the very same place to this day.

Denby Dale is situated in a natural valley, and our factory stands at the bottom in the shadow of the impressive Victorian railway viaduct that dominates the village. It was in fact Zaccheus Hinchliffe who laid the first stone when the viaduct was changed from its original wooden structure to stone in 1877, so important was this business man to the area. Of course, the railway and good road links were just two of the reasons why Zaccheus chose this location for his factory.

Another major reason was the river Dearne, meandering through the valley. Water was collected from the river and held in a dam where it was then used as required for the dyeing and scouring involved with yarn spinning. This process carries on today. We use the naturally soft water of this Yorkshire area before it is treated and returned to the river, just as clean and pure as it was before. 

Being a sustainable business is becoming increasingly important to us and to our customers. None of our processes use azo dyes, formaldehyde, carcinogenic, hazardous or allergy inducing products, and we are striving to decrease our carbon footprint and reduce our energy consumption. 

Over the decades, many other businesses, such as clay pipe manufacturers, and other textile mills, grew up in Denby Dale, and the village started to expand. With the demand for a workforce, Z. Hinchliffe built several rows of houses to accommodate their factory workers as they moved in to the area. Other parcels of land were purchased and some was given over for the community, such as Denby Dale cricket field, which is played on every weekend during the summer months.

Z. Hinchliffes being the largest employer in the village has had some influence on various community projects and is proud to have been associated with many of the infamous Denby Dale pies when in every generation the largest pie in the world is produced.

Hartcliffe Mills – 2019

We combine the expertise built up through the generations with modern technological advances to produce the finest quality yarns in the international market.

Graham Wilby

To this day the company is 100% privately owned still predominantly by the Hinchliffe family. Over the centuries many things have changed and evolved however the companies core values remain the same; The spinning of the finest natural raw materials into the highest quality yarns.